Top 10 Best strains for the Northeast (New England)

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Written by Stoney Tark, known from his articles at High Times, Soft Secrets and Weed World.

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Top 10 best strains for Northeast New England

New England has a very strong growing and smoking culture, that pride themselves as a big player in the East Coast scene. A hard working region that is well known for its cloudy days and warm Summers that peak at around 24 degrees Celsius / 74 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Winter season is a whole different story, with temperatures in October dropping as low as 12 Degrees Celsius / 54 degrees Fahrenheit. The lowest point can hit a frosty 7 degrees Celsius / 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Needless to say, all bets are off as far as long flowering and exotic sativas are concerned!

We have taken the time to sift through our collection, and come up with the top 10 Nirvana photoperiod and autoflowering cultivars for cold, harsh and chilling Winters such as those associated with the North West!

Nirvana’s best strains to grow outdoors in the Northeast (New England)

Growing in the Northeast can be very hard work, especially once Winter creeps in. Working with any of these sturdy, fast flowering and highly resilient cultivars will bring you closer to success.

If you are a beginner grower, or old school novice, we understand how important preparing in advance can be in terms of seed choice. Below are our top 8 list of the best photoperiod and autoflowering cultivars to work with, including our honorable mentions.

1. Black Domina

Black Domina

We start the top 8 list off with Black Domina, which is a cross of Afghani and Northern Lights genetics.

A very easy to grow hybrid that is very resistant to hot and cold climates. She does not require much looking after, and only needs 8-9 weeks, meaning Black Domina has a fast turnaround time. Exceptionally frosty plants that make excellent extracts and hash.

Outdoors, Black Domina can yield up to 600 grams / 21 oz per plant of dense, golf ball sized buds. She does not stretch much once flowering starts, and can fight off plant diseases with ease.

The aroma and taste of the buds is a mixture of spicey, herbal, earthy with a musky pungency. The effects are narcotic and will leave you in a dream world wrapped up on the sofa.

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2. OG Kush


The notorious OG Kush is a cross of Chemdawg with Hindu Kush and Magic.

A very resilient cultivar that can endure cold Winter months with great results. OG Kush is an excellent candidate for SOG, and can take large amounts of nutrients. Well suited for cold night time temperatures, and heavy winds.

Outdoors, yields of 400 grams / 14 oz per plant can be achieved. Plants can stretch and become tall, so training can help reduce the height. The aroma may become very pungent once during the final 4 weeks of flowering.

Her aroma and flavor are citrus, pine, sandalwood, dank, with a bold earthy profile. The effects are euphoric, motivated, focused and clear minded.

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If you prefer to grow with autoflowers, please have a look at our OG Kush Auto.

3. Zkittlez 

Zkittlez has taken the world by storm, and was created using Grape Ape and Grapefruit strains.

She is easy to grow, remains medium height and does not mind cold night time temperatures. Some phenotypes can flower as quickly as 8 weeks, and she can take heat stress with no issues. Incredible terpenes and flower production under the worst circumstances, and thanks to her low maintenance can be left alone.

Zkittlez feminized can become very productive, producing up to 1000 grams / 35.5 oz per plant. She can become prone to mold late into flower, when humidity levels are higher.

The aroma and taste is similar to candy shop terpenes, that express fruity, citrus, strawberry and earthy sweet. Her effect is uplifting, euphoric, clear minded and without much physical effect.

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If you prefer to grow with autoflowers, please have a look at our Zkittlez Auto.

4. Super Skunk

super skunk fem

A Dutch classic created by crossing Skunk #1 with Afghani genetics.

Exceptionally resistant to hot and cold climates, with fast flowering phenotypes. Growers who experience short Summers and cold Winters will find this strain to be well equipped. Thanks to her high resistance to stress, Super Skunk feminized will thrive during colder and wetter months.

Outdoors yields of 750 grams / 26.5 oz per plant can be harvested. Training early can really increase yields, and her name says she smells very loud during flower production.

The aroma and taste of the buds are dank, pungent, earthy and a long lingering Skunk scent. Her effects are a mixture of euphoria with a deep therapeutic feeling, ideal for evening times.

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If you prefer to grow with autoflowers, please have a look at our Super Skunk Auto.

5. Ice

Ice fem

Ice is a cross of Skunk, Afghan, Northern Lights and Shiva, resulting in a very versatile and tough plant. She is fast flowering, an epic yielder and performs brilliantly during short Summers.

As her name suggests, this cultivar is heavily frosted with white resin and will perform incredibly well under challenging weather. Some phenotypes can finish flowering as fast as 7-9 weeks and, with high resistance to mold, makes a great outdoor strain.

Outdoors, 600 grams / 21 oz per plant can be achieved outdoors. It is a good idea to support the heavy side branches, and provide plenty of space for the plants to grow into, and thanks to her resistance to mold, you do not need to worry about cold and humid conditions.

Her aroma and flavor can be described as a smooth, earthy, pine and menthol floral profile. Ice’s effects are well balanced and will have you in a calm, collective and totally chilled mind set, ideal for day times.

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6. Original Glue

original glue

A resin monster that was made by crossing Chem's Sister with Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel.

Some phenotypes can flower as fast as 50 days, making her ideal for challenging Winters. A very resilient hybrid that repels insects, powdery mildew and mold with ease. Unbelievable amounts of trichome production, a rock solid performer that is very generous in terms of yield.

Outdoors, Original Glue can yield up to 1200 grams+ / 42.5 oz per plant. Original Glue plants can endure high amounts of nutrients, and with training techniques such as L.S.T and topping, yields can be significantly increased.

The flavor and aroma can be described as an industrial glue, solvent and gas profile with earthy and pine notes. The effects are long lasting, and will glue you to your sofa with heavy eyes.

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If you prefer to grow with autoflowers, please have a look at our Original Glue Auto.

7. Nicole Kush

nicole kush

Nicole Kush is a wonderful Kush hybrid created by crossing Kosher Kush and Nicole.

She will thrive during hot Summer months, and can adapt very well to colder temperatures. Brilliant for Sea of Green set-ups and with training plants are very easy to maintain. One of our biggest yielding Kush crosses we offer. Nicole Kush will grow into medium height, and won’t be phased by cold night time temperatures.

Outdoor yields of 600 grams / 21 oz can be achieved within 8-9 weeks. There is no need to worry about getting mold, thanks to her extra high resistance. Cold and heavy winds do not bother this hybrid either.

The smell and taste of the buds is a potent, citrus, fuel, with a creamy pine and sandalwood base. Effects are extremely relaxed but focused, and the more you smoke it will heavily enhance creativity levels.

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8. White Widow Auto

white widow auto

A Cannabis hall of famer that is a cross of Kerala and Manga Rose and autoflowering genetics.

Thanks to her autoflowering parental lineage, a true performer during frosty and cold weather. Ideal for beginners and very easy to grow, with impressive yields of frosted buds. She loves hot weather and can endure cold night time temperatures with ease.

Outdoors, White Widow auto is capable of producing up to 120 grams / 4 oz per plant in 11-12 weeks. This auto can be planted from Summer until Spring, and it is advised to train the plants during the vegetative stage to increase yields further. She can also take high amounts of nutrients.

Her aroma and flavor is an old school earthy, peppery with hints of spice and floral notes. The effects can be very racey, alert, thought inducing and energetic.

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9. Northern Lights Auto

northern lights fem

Northern Lights Auto is a coffee shop classic that is a cross of Afghani genetics.

One of the sturdiest and hardiest plants around, that performs amazing in all climates. She does not need much maintenance, remains short and stocky with a fast flowering time. Mold and mildew do not bother Northern Lights during flower, making her perfect for short and snappy Winter seasons.

Outdoors, this classic cultivar is capable of yielding up to 80 grams / 3 oz per plant in 11-12 weeks. Exceptionally resilient and a low odor profile make her the ideal outdoor stealth strain.

The aroma and flavor can be described as a peppery, floral and earthy profile with sweet pine notes. Her effect is well balanced and can be enjoyed morning until night.

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If you prefer to grow with feminized seeds, please have a look at our Northern Light Feminized.

10. Super Skunk Auto

super skunk auto

Super Skunk Auto is a cross of Super Skunk with autoflowering genetics.

Thanks to her Skunk lineage, plants will be easy to grow, require little maintenance and will take on the worst types of weather. When planted during the hot Summer months, you can expect great results and very generous yields. Perfect for planting in a Sea of Green, and once plants stretch will finish at a medium sized height.

Outdoors, she is able to yield up to 120 grams / 4 oz per plant. Flowering time will take 10-11 weeks from seed to harvest, and once growing will work hard to keep the buds and sugar leaf free of powdery mildew and mold. She is certainly a smelly one once flowering, so be careful if you have neighbors close by, however can be easily hidden thanks to the short and stocky appearance.

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Honorable mentions

These may not have made the Top 10 list, however AK-48Grease Monkey and Ice are all fast flowering and tough resilient plants. 

Let’s grow Nirvana outdoor strains in the Northeast!

You have to really be on your growing game when living out in the Northeast. With spine chillingly cold Winters, it is essential that you are able to vegetative and successfully flower in time, and working with only the toughest, and most resilient cultivars will do.

We hope our mixture of photoperiod and autoflowering cultivars list has provided some extra insight to what it takes to produce the very best outdoor crop, with the peace of mind your buds are mold free and thriving in the elements!

Toivon, että tästä oli apua ja että se vastasi kysymyksiinne. Jos et, voit aina. kontakti ja kysy kysymyksesi suoraan!

~ Alice

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